Networks of Action

A network of action (a.k.a., narrative network) is a convenient way to model an organizational routine. In a typical social network, nodes are people. In a network of action, the nodes are actions: the steps in a organizational routine. The ties in a network of action represent sequential relationships between actions.

The Network of Action Simulation

This simple simulation provides an interactive way to see how networks of action can evolve over time. Very cool!

Why is a network of action useful?

Networks of action express the actual and potential sequences of action that could occur in a routine (Pentland and Feldman, 2007). They provide a convenient way to compare routines (Pentland, Haerem and Hillison, 2010), to assess the complexity of a routine (Haerem, Pentland and Miller, 2015), and analyze handoffs in routines (Pentland, Recker and Wyner, 2017).